Tuesday, January 31, 2006

new use for stitch markers

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I just figure out something awesome.

After the move from Chi-town, all of my knitting things are gone, so I only have one set of DPNs, and they're made from birch, and I hate them. I got them to work on Tubey, but since I hate them so much and have a problem with laddering that you wouldn't believe, I decided to do the Magic Loop thing instead.

The cord on my circ isn't entirely broken in yet, as it's very stiff. It makes me nervous when the stitches on the two halves get pulled like they do, So I put a stitch marker on it to hold it loosely, since I'm apparently needing my fingers elsewhere.

the magic solution upon closer examination
I apologize for crappy image quality.

Anyway, the little rings, (which I got on the cheap from Wal-Mart, as I'm too poor to get the nice ones that have a little split in them) keep the needle and cord from being able to seperate that far, keeping my stitches from being horribly stretched, which would further deform my gauge.

I actually swatched for this one, believe it or not, it's just that my circular gauge is not very near to my flat gauge. It was off by a whole stitch an inch, before I fixed it.

Oh, I almost forgot. I got past the first join today. Would have gotten farther iffen I hadn't gotten distracted doing homework.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


More of the same on Tubey, just longer. I'm a slow knitter, therefore I'm only just about to the join yet, not quite.

I want to make some jaywalkers, but the popularity of such makes me feel like a bandwagon jumper. I do like me some Shrek socks though. I'm planning on making a lot of socks as soon as I get around to buying some proper needles. I wanted to finish up this sweater first, as I tend to leave things to the side, and not finish them ever. I still have bookbinding that needs doing, as well as a long gown of which a large portion is cheesecloth.

And needles: I really like metal needles, because they're slippery and shiny, (the first reason having more weight than the second one, of course.) but I recently got a pair of birch ones from Brittany, and I am not digging them. They grip the yarn something fierce, and slow me down considerably from my already sluggish state. I'm going to assume that bamboo will have a similar effect. Also, I'm deathly afraid that they'll fall off my desk and I'll put my foot on them and they'll be no more. But what about plastic needles? They sound reasonably smooth, possibly sharp enough, but I've seen my grandma's and they're ugly and bendy, but they were (after all) quite old. And they're not heavy enough either, because I like a little heft in em, to balance out the yarn, you see. This will get to be a problem when I'm older, but it'd be silly to assume that I'll have the same set of needles my whole life. Heck, I practically sit with my elbows in my lap anyway, not a big deal.

Main question being, of course, that everyone seems to have a dislike for the metal needles; Am I naive and unexperienced? Is this "Acylic isn't that bad" all over again? Or is it simply taste? Three and a half casual browsers: weigh in on this most pressing of issues, please?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tubey progress

I started Tubey around January tenth, which was the day I got the yarn in. (and yes, my house is an unholy mess, I know.)

The black is Schachenmayr Nomotta Only Stretch, which is 40% Merino, 30% Acrylic, 30% Polyamide. I like it a lot, and it's really soft and stretchy. For the stripes I have Peruvian Collection Highland Wool. The stripes will be about the same color they are as in the example, except that instead of that eggplant color, I have a sort of raspberry, because Elann ran out of the aubergine after I placed my order already. The yarns don't match at all, the wool is very fluffy like, and the black is very smooth and stretchy, but I like the way they go together.

Any day now, I will be getting my spindle in that I ordered off of eBay, and I'm excited. The boy, Bryan, has an aunt who used to spin and still has a few sheep, so I'm going to see if she will sell me some wool, and maybe lend/sell/give me some of her tools. I'm going to make sock yarn, and It's going to be awesome.

a new kniitng blog for ages.

Maybe I'll be famous, but likely I wont. For the last few months, I've been going crazy with the wool and yarn and stuff. I could always knit, but didn't have time for it. (still don't actually.) I'm knitting Tubey as my first steps back into to knitting thing. I want to be friendly with other knitters, be a member of the community, give gifts, etc. Also blogs are fun. I have to track down my camera, but after that, I'll post some progress pictures on that. Then I'll set up the rest of this infernal contraption.