Sunday, January 29, 2006


More of the same on Tubey, just longer. I'm a slow knitter, therefore I'm only just about to the join yet, not quite.

I want to make some jaywalkers, but the popularity of such makes me feel like a bandwagon jumper. I do like me some Shrek socks though. I'm planning on making a lot of socks as soon as I get around to buying some proper needles. I wanted to finish up this sweater first, as I tend to leave things to the side, and not finish them ever. I still have bookbinding that needs doing, as well as a long gown of which a large portion is cheesecloth.

And needles: I really like metal needles, because they're slippery and shiny, (the first reason having more weight than the second one, of course.) but I recently got a pair of birch ones from Brittany, and I am not digging them. They grip the yarn something fierce, and slow me down considerably from my already sluggish state. I'm going to assume that bamboo will have a similar effect. Also, I'm deathly afraid that they'll fall off my desk and I'll put my foot on them and they'll be no more. But what about plastic needles? They sound reasonably smooth, possibly sharp enough, but I've seen my grandma's and they're ugly and bendy, but they were (after all) quite old. And they're not heavy enough either, because I like a little heft in em, to balance out the yarn, you see. This will get to be a problem when I'm older, but it'd be silly to assume that I'll have the same set of needles my whole life. Heck, I practically sit with my elbows in my lap anyway, not a big deal.

Main question being, of course, that everyone seems to have a dislike for the metal needles; Am I naive and unexperienced? Is this "Acylic isn't that bad" all over again? Or is it simply taste? Three and a half casual browsers: weigh in on this most pressing of issues, please?


At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Esther said...

I completely agree about the birch needles - I don't care for them at all - very difficult to slide the stitches across. I like metal and I love addi turbos - since knitting with those I haven't gotten anywhere near my other needles :-) Love your blog!


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